What we can do with your steering wheel

Rev Counter

Carbon Fiber

Flat bottom


Airbag cover

Full reshape

We can change the shape of the steering wheel to fit you hands perfectly.

Carbon fiber is an extraordinary material that will perform in many conditions. It is durable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. 

We offer professional steering re-trims where we do remove original old materials. We only use highest quality leather and alcantara.

We offer professional steering re-trims where we do remove original old materials. We only use highest quality leather and alcantara.


Design your own steering wheel


Take a look at our offer dedicated specifically to people with passion.

Design your own steering wheel.


Frequently asked questions

Several factors contribute to the price, including the type of modification and also the type of steering wheel. The work is priced individually.

We do not sell off-the-shelf products, we modify the steering wheel to the customer’s order. We have 3 options for placing an order.

No, we can use our, original steering wheel upon payment of a deposit in advance. The deposit is refunded upon receipt of the new steering wheel and return of the old one.

This is usually around 6-8 weeks.

We modify any car steering wheel.

We modify exactly the same steering wheel that customers have in their cars. We are not sure if it will fit 100% in such cases. We recommend that you buy a new steering wheel type and if everything turns out to be in working order, you can then send it to us for modification.

We reshape the steering wheel, add the Popular Carbon, and trim. We can also add the Popular Led display.

The display works in any car that has an OBD II port.

Above all, we work with the highest quality materials and everything is done by hand. Such thorough work translates into a longer lead time, while we are sure that our product will last for many years. We do not buy cheap Chinese steering wheels to sell later.

We ship to every country in Europe and most of the world.

Yes, this is our branch in the UK. We also have one in Australia.

If something is going to be cheaper, it’s not going to be done right 😉

In any professional car workshop.

Not likely, although in this case it is best to check with your car dealer.

The order can be placed via the website, email, WhatsApp or a private message on Instagram, or Facebook.

We accept payment via PayPal, or payment into a bank account.

Sure enough, the steering wheel we are modifying has retained the additional function of vibration, or heating (the eventual Carbon will be heated).

Yes, we can make larger Carbon blades.

We have been operating since 2015.
  • Send the steering wheels to us.
  • Pay the deposit for the steering wheel and we will use our original one for your order. When you receive our steering wheel and send your old, standard steering wheel back to us, we will refund your deposit.
  • Stay with the standard and modified steering wheel.
Initially it is a deposit only payment (Unless you send your steering wheel to us). Full payment always at the end of the job.

See what your steering wheel can look like

Select the modifications you are interested in, send us a photo of your steering wheel and we will prepare an offer especially for you.